Transform Your iOS Device into a Home Video Monitoring System

Transform Your iOS Device into a Home Video Monitoring System

Enhancing the security of your home or small business has become more accessible and affordable with the introduction of Manything. This comprehensive video monitoring solution is designed for iOS users, enabling them to stream, record, and remotely view video footage from any iOS device running iOS 5 or later. This means your old iPhone 3GS can now serve as a WiFi-enabled video camera instead of just collecting dust.

The Manything application is free for iOS users and offers the ability to record both video and audio directly to the cloud. Users can also enjoy live streaming on their devices or desktops.

Transform Your iOS Device into a Home Video Monitoring System

The app includes a unique motion detection feature that allows users to specify which areas in the video should trigger motion alerts. For instance, if you want to monitor just the cash register or a specific cabinet, you can set the app to focus on these areas. Additionally, integration with IFTTT enables scenarios such as starting a recording when you leave your home, adding a layer of convenience and security.

Manything also provides comprehensive metadata for each video stream, distinguishing between sound and movement with color-coded waveforms. Movement is indicated by red waves, while sound is represented by blue waves.

At present, Manything offers 30 days of continuous cloud recording for free as an introductory offer.

The company has been transparent about its plans to introduce tiered pricing soon. The basic plan will continue to provide 12 hours of free recording each month for one active device. For those needing more, a plan offering seven hours of recording across two devices is available for $4.99 per month. For extensive use, a $14.99 monthly plan allows up to five devices with 30 days of recording.

All subscription plans include unlimited live viewing, motion-activated alerts, and tools for creating video clips.


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