Cobra Pack Review: Top Lightweight Laptop Backpack

Cobra Pack Review: Top Lightweight Laptop Backpack

For those who carry a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, whether for school or professional purposes, a backpack that combines durability with comfort is essential. The Cobra pack by Booq, priced at US$295, offers a robust and stylish solution for transporting your tech gear. Read on for our detailed review and a chance to win a Cobra pack in our exclusive giveaway.


Cobra Pack Review: Top Lightweight Laptop Backpack
  • Exterior Dimensions: 14 x 18 x 9 inches (356 x 457 x 229 mm)

  • Interior Dimensions: 10.6 x 15.5 x 1.5 inches (269 x 294 x 38 mm)

  • Weight: 3.57 pounds (1.62 kilograms)

  • Compatibility: 13- to 17-inch MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

  • Lining: Copper (reddish-orange) nylon, exterior 1680D black nylon

Design Highlights

The design of the Cobra pack is sleek and modern, resembling something out of a sci-fi film rather than a typical backpack found in retail stores.

It’s designed to comfortably fit a 17-inch MacBook Pro and features a streamlined, rectangular shape.

The laptop compartment is cushioned and includes a water-resistant zipper, while the backpack itself is made from waterproof ballistic nylon. It includes two expandable side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas, a front zipper pocket with a phone pocket, two back pockets for an iPad or other items, and pockets on the shoulder straps for an iPhone or iPod touch.

The shoulder straps are adjustable at three points for optimal comfort, and the back padding is breathable, preventing a sweaty back in warm conditions.

Each Cobra pack includes a Terralinq serial number and barcode for recovery if lost. The zippers are high-quality YKK, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Functionality Highlights

The Cobra pack not only looks impressive but is also highly functional.

The copper interior makes it easier to locate items inside, a welcome change from the typical dark linings of most backpacks. The strap system is comfortable, and the padded top handle makes it easy to maneuver the backpack quickly, such as during airport security checks.

Despite its size, the Cobra pack is surprisingly lightweight compared to other laptop backpacks. While the price point is high, investing in a durable backpack like the Cobra can be more cost-effective over time compared to replacing cheaper models frequently.


The Booq Cobra pack is a top-tier laptop backpack that offers extensive storage, durability, and a modern look.

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