Felix StretchWrite: Convert Pens and Pencils to Stylus Easily

Felix StretchWrite: Convert Pens and Pencils to Stylus Easily

Despite Steve Jobs’ aversion to styluses, many users still find these tools indispensable for precise input on touchscreens. However, styluses often come with a high price tag and finding the perfect fit can be challenging. The Felix StretchWrite offers a novel solution by turning any regular pen or pencil into a stylus for just US$9.99 for a pair.

Imagine a large elastic band that you can stretch over the tip and eraser of a pencil.

Felix StretchWrite: Convert Pens and Pencils to Stylus Easily

This band, equipped with a capacitive nub on one end and an opening on the other for the pen or pencil tip, along with textured grips, is essentially what makes up a StretchWrite. These are available in sets of two, in combinations of red and gray or pink and blue, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional styluses.

During my tests with the StretchWrites, I experimented with various writing instruments. A disposable pen from a Macworld event? It worked seamlessly.

A Sharpie? Also effective, even with the cap on, though the tip felt somewhat soft. It performed similarly well with a bulky, comfortable pen received from another vendor. The StretchWrite seems to perform best with inexpensive stick pens like those from BIC, and with pencils.

At a modest price of $10 for two, losing one isn’t as big of a concern.

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