Bluelounge Soba Cable Organizer Tidies Up Wire Clutter

Bluelounge Soba Cable Organizer Tidies Up Wire Clutter

For those of us with a plethora of computer peripherals, the tangle of wires can become a chaotic mess. Take, for instance, the area between my Apple Wireless Keyboard and iMac, which resembles a heap of tangled spaghetti. This is where the Bluelounge’s new Soba cable director, priced at $24.95, comes into play.

Named after the Japanese term for buckwheat noodles, Soba offers a clever solution to manage these unruly cables.

Bluelounge Soba Cable Organizer Tidies Up Wire Clutter

Available in black and white, the Soba system features a Vortex tube that can be zipped open or closed, accommodating up to three cables. The kit includes 10 feet of tubing, two end caps, three mounting caps for securing the tubing to a surface, a Y-splitter for cables branching off, several small rubber bands, and a zipper tool for easy cable insertion.

On Bluelounge’s website, the Soba cable director is shown alongside their CableBoxes, which are designed to conceal bulky adapters and power strips. This setup allows for a single power cord to extend from a wall outlet to a concealed power strip, with individual DC cables neatly routed through the Soba tubing.

Inserting three small cables into the Soba Vortex tubing proved to be straightforward.

For users of devices like the Mac mini and Mac Pro, Soba is invaluable for maintaining a clean workspace by managing the clutter of cables. It’s equally beneficial for MacBook users, allowing them to consolidate various cables connected to external drives and monitors into a single, streamlined tube.


The Soba cable management system is a much-needed innovation. With its unique tubing and custom-designed caps, Bluelounge offers a quick and effective solution for organizing and concealing the web of cables that often surrounds our devices.

Rating: 4 stars out of 4 stars possible

four star rating out of four stars possible

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