Apple Class Action Lawsuit on Breaking Bad Season Pass Advances

Apple Class Action Lawsuit on Breaking Bad Season Pass Advances

In a surprising turn of events last September, Apple found itself at the center of a legal battle when a customer filed a class action lawsuit over the purchase of a Breaking Bad Season Pass. The pass, which cost $22.99, unexpectedly covered only the first half of the season’s episodes.

Apple responded by offering an unconditional refund to the affected customers.

Apple Class Action Lawsuit on Breaking Bad Season Pass Advances

This week, however, a judge decided that the lawsuit could move forward, with the plaintiff alleging deceptive advertising practices. This decision is particularly peculiar considering that no actual damages were incurred and the core issue seems to stem from decisions made by AMC and Sony, rather than Apple itself.

To understand the backdrop of this controversy, it’s essential to note that the final season of Breaking Bad was intended by its creators to be viewed as a single season, despite being split into two parts.

This was a point emphasized by the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, who expressed a desire to carefully craft the series finale.

The decision to market the last 16 episodes as two separate seasons was one made by AMC and Sony. This was reflected in how the episodes were presented on iTunes, which adhered to Sony’s classification.

Interestingly, the plaintiff in the lawsuit was not seeking a substantial sum but merely a refund of $20.

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