Apple Issues Partial Refunds to iCloud Users Following Price Reduction

Apple Issues Partial Refunds to iCloud Users Following Price Reduction

Following the announcement of revised iCloud storage rates, Apple has started notifying existing customers about upgrades and refunds to align them with the new pricing structure. Those who were subscribed to the 20GB plan have seen their annual fee reduced from $40 to $11.99, with Apple issuing refunds for the price difference.

Below is the content of the notification sent by Apple to its customers.

Apple Issues Partial Refunds to iCloud Users Following Price Reduction

Dear ________,

We are excited to inform you about our new, more economical iCloud storage options. As a token of our appreciation for your continued subscription, we have not only upgraded your storage plan but also issued a refund reflecting the new lower prices.

Your previous plan provided 15 GB for $20.00 annually. Now, you have been upgraded to 20 GB at only $10.99 per year.

You will see a prorated refund of $0.52, calculated based on the price change and the remaining months of your subscription. This upgraded plan will renew automatically on September 30, 2014, at the annual rate of $10.99.

The increase in storage capacity with our new plans allows you to enjoy enhanced features such as iCloud Drive. This feature enables you to store any type of file and access it across all your devices. Any modifications you make are instantly updated, ensuring you always have the most current version of your documents.

If your storage needs exceed what is currently available, you can adjust your subscription anytime directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC.

For more details on the different plans and pricing, please visit our iCloud storage settings.

Kind Regards,

The iCloud Team

NOTE: This annual storage plan is exclusively available to existing iCloud storage subscribers. You can cancel or downgrade your plan anytime from your device. Should you choose to switch to one of our newer plans, please note that reverting back to this annual plan will not be possible. Contact Apple within 15 days of an upgrade to request a refund.

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