Inateck BP2001 Review: Compact Bluetooth Speaker Powerhouse

Inateck BP2001 Review: Compact Bluetooth Speaker Powerhouse

Before I delve into a review of a high-end speaker from a different manufacturer, let’s explore a more budget-friendly option from Inateck. The BP2001 10W Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, priced at $59.99 but available for $25.99 on Amazon, is an economical choice that doubles as an iPad stand. Let’s see how this affordable Bluetooth speaker performs and also, you’ll get a chance to win one courtesy of Inateck and TUAW.


Inateck BP2001 Review: Compact Bluetooth Speaker Powerhouse
  • Dimensions: 9.45 x 2.44 x 1.61 inches (240 x 62 x 41 mm)
  • Weight: 11.7 ounces (332 grams)
  • Effective performance: 5 watts per speaker, 2 speakers
  • Signal distance: up to 10 mm (33 feet)
  • Supported wireless mode: Bluetooth v2.1 and EDR
  • Battery: Lithium ion, 800 mAh


The BP2001 may not win any beauty contests, but it’s certainly not unattractive, and its functionality as an iPad stand is excellent. When I first opened the box, the large “Inateck” button cover had come off, but it was easily reattached with a simple push.

The back of the speaker houses an on/off switch, an AUX port, and a micro-USB charging port. It also features a fold-out support to prop up an iPad; this can be retracted if not needed.

Although the following image shows an iPad Air in landscape mode on the BP2001, it works just as well in portrait mode, with a small indentation to access the Home button on the iPad.

The speaker’s front features a sleek black grille with metallic accents, while the stand section uses a matte finish plastic. The remainder of the BP2001’s exterior is glossy plastic, which tends to attract fingerprints. Rubber feet on the bottom prevent the speaker from sliding.


Turning on the BP2001, it chimed pleasantly and then emitted a pair of tones indicating it was ready to pair.

The Bluetooth setup was straightforward on iOS 8 beta, quickly recognizing the BP2001, and it paired with a cheerful tone. I was impressed by the volume this speaker could produce, despite its size and price. While the bass was somewhat lacking, the highs were well-represented, and the overall sound was robust. Volume adjustments must be made from the connected device, as the speaker itself lacks physical volume controls.

I tested the BP2001 with various music genres, from Dave Brubeck’s jazz to Daft Punk’s electronic beats, and it handled all types well.


Despite some concerns about build quality (like the button cover issue) and its fingerprint magnet surface, the BP2001 offers excellent sound quality for its price.

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