MyScript Smart Note: Ideal Tech for Stylus Users

MyScript Smart Note: Ideal Tech for Stylus Users

For those who prefer writing with a stylus on their iPad, MyScript Smart Note offers a robust note-taking platform that mimics the feel of a traditional notebook. This app not only captures your handwriting but also allows you to interact with your notes as if they were typed text. This includes the ability to select, highlight, and define words. It’s a powerful tool for anyone who values the tactile feedback of pen on paper, yet desires the digital convenience, and it’s available for free, requiring iOS 7.0 or later.

The app includes a detailed three-page tutorial that helps users understand how their handwriting is analyzed and utilized.

MyScript Smart Note: Ideal Tech for Stylus Users

Unlike other apps where your handwriting might be converted into a standard font, MyScript Smart Note preserves your personal script, treating it as recognizable text. This allows for precise editing, such as selecting specific letters or words by dragging adjustment points, or using gestures to delete or replace text seamlessly.

Editing is intuitive, employing gestures that are as simple as striking through text to delete it or drawing a vertical line to create space. These gestures are highly responsive and effective, making the editing process both natural and efficient.

MyScript Smart Note is not just for handwriting. The app supports sketching, selecting, and erasing.

It also allows for the inclusion of audio clips, images, and even complex mathematical equations in your notes. Import PDF files for annotation, or start with a customizable blank canvas, adjusting line patterns, backgrounds, and margins to suit your preferences.

Organization is a breeze with the app’s powerful search functionality, which can locate text across multiple notebooks and highlight search results. Once you’re done, export your notes as text, images, PDFs, or even print them directly from the app.

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The primary limitation in the free version of MyScript Smart Note is that you are restricted to 10 pages per notebook. To unlock unlimited access, there is a modest fee of US$1.99.


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