Ryder Cup 2014 Official App Offers Live Video Streaming

Ryder Cup 2014 Official App Offers Live Video Streaming

The excitement for the 2014 Ryder Cup is mounting as the event is set to kick off this weekend. The PGA of America has recently unveiled the Ryder Cup 2014 app, the official mobile application for the tournament. This app is available for free and is compatible with devices running iOS 7.0 or later. I also took a look at SportsFusion-the unofficial 2014 Ryder Cup news edition, another app providing coverage on the event.

Both applications offer a wealth of features including photos, videos, live scoring updates, and news articles.

Ryder Cup 2014 Official App Offers Live Video Streaming

They also facilitate engagement through various social media platforms. Notably, the Ryder Cup 2014 app integrates scoring directly within the app, whereas SportsFusion redirects users to the official Ryder Cup website for live scores. The effectiveness of these features will become more apparent as the event progresses. Additionally, Ryder Cup 2014 includes direct links to the official team social media accounts and offers FanChat options across different platforms, unlike SportsFusion which focuses more on enabling users to share their thoughts directly on social media.

Moreover, the Ryder Cup 2014 app provides exclusive content about the teams and the Gleneagles golf course.

It features detailed biographies and statistics of the players, as well as comprehensive breakdowns of each hole on the course, complete with flyover videos and narrations that describe the layout and challenges of each hole. This kind of in-depth information is not available through the SportsFusion app, which primarily aggregates news from various sources.

Another significant advantage of the Ryder Cup 2014 app is its provision of live video and audio streaming once the matches start. This feature is perfect for those who might be away from their televisions during the event. The app streams live video directly from the course and includes radio broadcasts, enhancing the viewing experience for fans.

While the SportsFusion app does offer a broader range of news sources, pulling content from various outlets including PGA.com and the Associated Press, the official Ryder Cup 2014 app is undoubtedly superior for those interested in live coverage and exclusive content directly from the event organizers.

If live updates and exclusive content are crucial for you, the Ryder Cup 2014 app is the better choice.


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