Craft a Flawless Presentation Using Video Pitch Tools

Craft a Flawless Presentation Using Video Pitch Tools

Delivering a timed presentation can be a daunting task, whether it’s for school or work. The Video Pitch app for iPad is designed to assist in perfecting your delivery by allowing you to set a specific duration, script your speech, and record yourself practicing. This app is available at no initial cost, though it does offer in-app purchases, and it requires iOS 7.0 or later.

The app is structured into three main sections to aid in your preparation: text, time, and assistant. In the text area, you can input the title and body of your pitch, which could be a detailed script or just key points, depending on your preference. Naming your pitch is also an option that could prove useful for future reference.

Craft a Flawless Presentation Using Video Pitch Tools

In the time section, you’re equipped with tools to tailor your presentation’s length.

The free version includes a duration slider that extends up to 15 seconds, with additional time available through in-app purchases. It also features a delay slider that ranges from zero to ten seconds before the start of the recording, and speed adjustment buttons to set the pace. This section also includes controls for playing, saving, or deleting your pitch.

The assistant section is particularly useful, offering visual cues that can be inserted at any point in your presentation timeline. The app provides four default symbols: a dollar sign, a smiley face, a thumbs up, and a clock. These simple icons can be instrumental in guiding your delivery and keeping it on track.

When you run your presentation, the script scrolls automatically at your set pace, and visual cues pop up as scheduled.

You can also choose to record a video of yourself rehearsing. However, I encountered a glitch where the app crashed every time I tried to share the completed video.

While Video Pitch is packed with features, its design and aesthetic are less impressive. The functionality is robust, but the visual design does not match up, which might be a letdown for users expecting a more polished interface.

The app offers three tiers of in-app purchases. The basic, or “Intro,” level is free and allows up to 15-second videos with a maximum of five saves. The “Active” level permits up to five-minute videos, use of the reverse camera, custom visual cues, and removes the watermark, all at no extra cost.

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