Discover Your Best and Worst Golf Clubs with MyGolf Caddie

Discover Your Best and Worst Golf Clubs with MyGolf Caddie

For many golf enthusiasts, there’s always that one club that stands out as a reliable choice during crucial moments on the course. The innovative MyGolf Caddie app empowers golfers to deepen their understanding of how they use each club, fostering greater overall confidence. This complimentary app is optimized for iOS 7.0 or newer.

The application provides a platform for golfers to log each shot’s distance and final location during a game, thereby building a personalized database for every club.

Discover Your Best and Worst Golf Clubs with MyGolf Caddie

Initially, users must identify and label each club in their bag, such as “Driver, 10.5” or “Hybrid, 15 degrees.” The app accommodates up to six different club sets, allowing for customization based on the day’s specific needs, whether adding an extra fairway wood or another wedge. Once the setup is complete, users are ready to take to the course.

At the beginning of each hole, users enter details such as yardage, hole number, and par. They then use the “Mark” button to record their starting point, followed by the “Shoot” button to log the shot.

After reaching the ball’s landing spot, they mark the location again, save the shot data, and proceed with the next shot. This process is repeated throughout the round, with the app’s GPS tracking the shot distances.

As the game progresses, players can select their shot’s lie—fairway, rough, woods, water, bunker, or fringe—to ensure all conditions are recorded. This comprehensive data collection helps MyGolf Caddie provide tailored club recommendations in future games based on past performance.

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The app’s GPS functionality also aids players by providing distances to any point on the course, which is particularly useful for strategizing shots over obstacles or towards specific targets.

MyGolf Caddie

The primary aim of MyGolf Caddie is to enhance each golfer’s understanding of their club performance.

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