Logitech Type+ Keyboard Review for iPad Air: Features and Performance

Logitech Type+ Keyboard Review for iPad Air: Features and Performance

Throughout my experience evaluating numerous iPad keyboard cases, I’ve encountered both exceptional and subpar products. The Logitech Type+ for iPad Air, priced at US$99.99, stands out as a robust case featuring an integrated keyboard. It impressively matches up to the highly acclaimed ClamCase Pro for iPad Air, and even surpasses it in some aspects, potentially making it my new favorite for iPad Air keyboard cases.


Logitech Type+ Keyboard Review for iPad Air: Features and Performance
  • Dimensions: 10.1 x 7.2 x .71 inches (255.9 x 183.4 x 18.1 mm)
  • Weight: 14.29 ounces (405 grams)
  • Available Colors: black and red


The design of the Type+ is reminiscent of Logitech’s earlier keyboard models, yet it incorporates significant improvements based on user feedback. The iPad Air is secured by two polycarbonate clips on the right side, making it easy to insert and remove the device while ensuring it stays firmly in place.

The case adopts a bifold layout, with the iPad on one side and the keyboard on the other.

Opening the case activates the iPad, and closing it turns the device off. A strong magnet secures the iPad in an upright position for typing, and the keyboard can be folded behind for using the iPad without the keyboard.

The exterior of the Type+ features a water-resistant fabric, enhancing its durability against spills. It is available in classic black or a striking red. The keyboard layout is conventional, with iOS-specific function keys separated from the number keys, eliminating the need for a Fn key.


In my reviews, I focus on the typing experience, the automatic on/off functionality, and the responsiveness of the function keys.

The Type+ excels in all these areas. The keyboard’s touch is light yet precise, reducing the likelihood of accidental keystrokes and minimizing finger fatigue during extended typing sessions.

The keyboard’s power management is straightforward, with no physical on/off switch. Simply opening the case powers the iPad, and placing it against the magnetic bar prepares it for typing. The keyboard deactivates when the iPad is removed from the typing stance, preventing accidental activation during transport.

The function keys are responsive, with dedicated keys for Siri, Spotlight, and switching between virtual keyboards.

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