Macworld/iWorld Expo Officially Discontinued

Reflecting on Macworld/iWorld: A Nostalgic Look Back

The esteemed gathering for Apple enthusiasts, Macworld/iWorld, has been a staple since 1985 but is now pausing its annual event, as confirmed by IDG World Expo. The 2015 event will not proceed, though the MacIT conference, aimed at enterprise professionals, will still be on the calendar.

Paul Kent, a long-time leader of the event at IDG World Expo, shared these thoughts:

Reflecting on Macworld/iWorld: A Nostalgic Look Back

“Today we announce that Macworld/iWorld will be on hiatus and will not occur as scheduled in 2015.

However, our MacIT event, which is the leading conference for Apple deployment in enterprise, will go ahead next year, with more details to be revealed soon.

Since its inception in 1985, the Macworld conferences have gathered a community to celebrate Apple’s technological innovations, highlighting the developers who enhance user experiences in myriad ways. As the Apple ecosystem and market environment have evolved, so too has our event.

Macworld has been the launchpad for thousands of companies and hundreds of products, fostering numerous professional connections. We are grateful to the Apple community for their support over the years and for allowing us to be a part of Apple’s journey.

We remain dedicated to our MacIT event, which continues to connect product developers working with enterprise iOS and OS X solutions with professionals who are integrating these tools into their organizations.

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