Crowdfunding Highlights: Innovative Smart Yoga Mats and Unique Pyramids

Top Crowdfunded Projects: Highlights from Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Every week, TUAW brings to light various crowdfunded initiatives related to Apple products that have caught our attention. We typically focus on those projects that have achieved at least 80% of their funding targets, offering our readers a glimpse into potentially worthwhile investments.

  • Among the numerous Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns we explore, many are centered around energy solutions, a testament to our heavy device usage. AMPY stands out by transforming your physical movement into electrical power, providing an innovative way to charge your devices. This project has successfully surpassed its funding goal by 127% with several weeks still remaining.

    Top Crowdfunded Projects: Highlights from Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  • Imagine wearing a rugged solid state drive on your wrist.

    That’s the concept behind KUFF, dubbed “the future of wearable storage.” Despite its unique approach, it has only garnered 6% of its required funds with over a month left to attract backers.

  • The SmartMat is an intelligent Yoga mat that uses sensors and a companion app to enhance your Yoga sessions with detailed feedback. It has already attracted 189% of its funding target with two weeks to go, indicating strong consumer interest.

  • Another intriguing gadget is the Smart Outlet by Newbeem, which offers a mix of Wi-Fi enabled and regular power outlets. It’s currently at 70% of its funding goal with just over a week left.

  • The Dotlens is an affordable, high-magnification microscope lens for smartphones, aiming to make scientific tools more accessible. Despite its innovative approach, it’s struggling at 21% funding with less than two weeks remaining.

  • For those concerned about privacy, the Nope magnetic camera cover offers a sleek solution for Mac users, blocking the iSight camera when not in use.

    This project has reached an astonishing 10,242% of its goal with plenty of time still on the clock.

  • The StandStand is a portable wooden standing desk that’s both lightweight and incredibly sturdy. It has successfully funded over 550% of its target, with just a few days left for additional backers.

  • Occasionally, we encounter a campaign that’s hard to ignore due to its peculiar design. This week, P-VOX captures our curiosity with its multi-functional design combining a pyramid-shaped speaker, desk lamp, and charger. It’s nearing its funding goal with 73% achieved and just a few days remaining.

Join us next Thursday for more updates on crowdfunded projects.

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