Calvertr App: Innovative Calculator and Conversion Tool

Calvertr App: Innovative Calculator and Conversion Tool

At a price of US$2.99, Calvertr introduces a refreshing twist to the typical calculator and unit conversion applications. While it functions adequately as a calculator, its real prowess lies in its comprehensive conversion capabilities. It boasts support for 157 different currencies worldwide, making it an essential tool for global financial transactions.

The app allows users to search through various categories, share conversion data effortlessly, and even attach notes to shared results. From everyday calculations like tips and fuel consumption to specialized measurements such as radioactivity and torque, Calvertr covers an extensive range of conversion needs.

Calvertr App: Innovative Calculator and Conversion Tool

The application is compatible with AirDrop and offers printing capabilities for those equipped with the necessary hardware. It also integrates seamlessly with the iOS 8 Notifications Center through widgets, allowing users to quickly access frequently used functions.

Calvertr sports a user-friendly interface with clear, easy-to-navigate screens. Helpful introductory screens appear upon launching the app for the first time, guiding users through its features. A simple swipe to the right allows users to return to previous screens.

Despite the saturated market of calculator and conversion apps, Calvertr stands out with its innovative approach.

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