How to Stop Receiving iPhone Calls on Your iPad

How to Stop Receiving iPhone Calls on Your iPad

Despite the plethora of guides available on activating your iPad to receive iPhone calls under iOS 8, there’s a surprising amount of misinformation about deactivating this feature. Rest assured, disabling it is as straightforward as enabling it—simply toggle it to OFF.

Contrary to the alarmist claims on some forums, this is not part of a scheme to coerce more Apple ID sign-ups. Yes, these theories do exist, complete with abundant exclamation marks, even on Apple’s own discussion boards.

How to Stop Receiving iPhone Calls on Your iPad

To turn off this feature, just access your iPad’s Settings, navigate to FaceTime settings and set the iPhone Cellular Calls option to off (it will show green when on).

This setting is also available in the Mac version of FaceTime, located in the app’s Preferences.

If only it were as easy to switch off the paranoia.

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