Logitech Unveils New Type+, Ultrathin Keyboards for iPad Air 2

Logitech Unveils New Type+

Logitech has swiftly upgraded its Type+ and Ultrathin Bluetooth keyboards to align with the newly released iPad Air 2, while also introducing a versatile new keyboard that works with any iOS device—the Keys-To-Go, priced at $69.99. This new addition features Logitech’s spill-resistant FabricSkin keyboard in a rechargeable format, compatible with iPads, iPhones, and even Apple TV.

The Keys-To-Go is remarkably lightweight at just 6.35 ounces (180 grams) and boasts a slim profile of less than a quarter-inch (6 mm). It is available in three colors: black, red, and electric blue.

Logitech Unveils New Type+

The redesigned Type+ for iPad Air 2, retailing for $99.99, now features a thinner build to fit the latest iPad Air and is available in a variety of colors including black, dark blue, bright green, violet, black synthetic, and electric blue synthetic.

Admirers of the Logitech Ultrathin series will appreciate the new Ultrathin Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Air 2, available for $89.99.

This model is offered in silver and space gray and continues to utilize the magnetic clip-on design that has been a hallmark of previous versions.

All these keyboards are currently available for pre-order.

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