Discover Top Bars to Enjoy the Big Game with Fellow Fans

Discover Top Bars to Enjoy the Big Game with Fellow Fans

If you’re gearing up for the next big game and wondering where to join other fans, the Best Bars app might just be your go-to resource. This complimentary app, compatible with iOS 6.0 or later, helps you locate nearby bars where fans are gathering, sorted by proximity or user ratings.

The app not only lists bars but also displays them on a map relative to your location. Selecting a bar provides further details such as the address, contact information, which fan groups frequent it, directions, and insights from the bar managers about specials and game screenings.

Discover Top Bars to Enjoy the Big Game with Fellow Fans

For those who have specific team allegiances, Best Bars allows users to set up their favorite teams and track their game schedules.

The app covers major sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA football and basketball, and major soccer leagues. It alerts you to local hangouts favored by other fans of your team and even lets you invite friends to join you for game viewings.

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While the app provides a solid foundation of information about sports bars, its effectiveness hinges on active participation from the establishments themselves. The developers have provided a merchant toolkit that allows bar operators to update their profiles with current game schedules, special offers, and alerts tailored to specific games or fan bases.

However, a survey of local spots revealed that few have utilized this feature to enhance their listings.

Despite needing more active merchant involvement, Best Bars already offers a comprehensive directory of venues for sports enthusiasts. During my exploration, I even discovered a new spot frequented by fans of my favorite team. For those away from home, Best Bars proves invaluable in quickly locating the perfect place to catch the game.


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