Drop Kitchen Scale Arrives Just in Time for Holiday Baking

Drop Kitchen Scale Arrives Just in Time for Holiday Baking

Imagine you’re tasked with whipping up several batches of holiday cookies for your daughter’s robotics team, yet you’re clueless about baking or measuring out ingredients. Don’t panic—the Drop Kitchen Connected Scale (priced at US$99.99) along with its complimentary recipe app will guide you to become a master baker.

The video above showcases how Drop transforms anyone with an iPad (iOS 8.0 or later) and basic kitchen equipment into a skilled baker.

Drop Kitchen Scale Arrives Just in Time for Holiday Baking

Drop can precisely measure from 6 kg to less than a gram and utilizes interactive recipes to ensure your culinary success. Simply add ingredients to a bowl on the scale until the app indicates you’ve added enough, mix as directed, transfer to a baking pan, and the app will notify you when your creation is perfectly baked.

Ran out of an ingredient? No worries—the app offers substitute suggestions and adjusts the quantities of the remaining ingredients so you can still whip up something delicious with what you have.

The recipes are designed for single-bowl preparation which minimizes cleanup, and the app includes a feature for sharing your culinary achievements online.

Drop communicates with your iPad or iPad mini via Bluetooth LE, and its battery is designed to last up to a year with regular use. While Drop is currently available for online purchase, it will soon hit shelves at Apple Stores across the US, Canada, and the UK.

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