RHA T10i Headphones Offer Customizable High-Fidelity Sound

RHA T10i Headphones Offer Customizable High-Fidelity Sound

The newly unveiled RHA T10i (US$199.95) in-ear headphones are now the premium model in RHA’s impressive range. RHA positions the T10i above the MA750i (read my review here), which I have used daily for the past year and often suggest to those seeking quality sound without breaking the bank. How does the T10i stack up as RHA’s flagship model?


RHA T10i Headphones Offer Customizable High-Fidelity Sound

As detailed on RHA’s official site, the T10i represents an advancement in nearly every way over the MA750i. The MA750i’s drivers are crafted from 303F Stainless Steel, whereas the T10i’s drivers are made from Injected Molded Steel. This involves heating the steel to 1300 degrees Celsius for up to ten hours to achieve the perfect shape and density, resulting in a sleek, brushed metal appearance and robust feel.

These are headphones I’d confidently toss into a bag or pocket without worry.

The MA750i features over-ear cable supports, while the T10i sports adjustable, “moulded” over-ear hooks that conform to your ear’s shape. The MA750i includes a steel-reinforced, oxygen-free cable with gold-plated connections, whereas the T10i boasts a thinner, yet equally robust, multicore, reinforced, oxygen-free copper cable with gold-plated connections. Both models maintain a high standard of aesthetics and durability, include a three-button remote and mic for iOS devices, and come with a 3-year warranty from RHA.

However, the primary distinction lies in the drivers: the MA750i uses the 560.1 driver, while the T10i is equipped with the larger 770.1 driver. Beyond size, the T10i offers a natural, balanced sound profile designed to accurately reproduce all music genres with high fidelity and impressive soundstage imaging. The 770.1 driver’s frequency response can be customized via the T10i’s interchangeable tuning filter system.

By unscrewing the tips of the drivers and swapping them with one of the two additional filter sets provided, users can either boost the bass or enhance the treble, or stick with the pre-installed reference filters for a true-to-source sound.

For more details on the differences between all the drivers in their lineup, visit RHA’s driver range page.


Most of my listening was done using the reference filters on the T10i.

After a recommended burn-in period, the T10i’s delivered a sound that was both familiar and new, offering a richer, more detailed profile compared to the MA750i’s broader soundscape. The right choice of ear tip is essential for optimal noise isolation and sound quality. Although I have universal custom molds, they didn’t pair well with the T10i’s, possibly due to the increased distance between the driver and my ear. Experimenting with the various included tips is advisable to find the best fit.

Listening to Damien Rice’s The Box showcased the T10i’s ability to deliver intricate details and a wide dynamic range with vibrancy and clarity. Rice’s vocals take center stage, gently rising above the strumming of an acoustic guitar.

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