Vintage 1950s Motorola Radio Connects Wirelessly to iPhones

Vintage 1950s Motorola Radio Connects Wirelessly to iPhones

Bose, Beats, and the like may dominate today’s audio market, but nothing beats the nostalgic sound of mid-20th-century radio equipment. For those who appreciate vintage audio without the need for modern bass thumping through multiple walls, older speakers can still offer impressive performance.

Take, for example, this 1950s Motorola antique. Originally designed as an AM-only tube radio, this device has been ingeniously updated to connect with iPhones.

Vintage 1950s Motorola Radio Connects Wirelessly to iPhones

The original Bakelite casing houses updated internals courtesy of Etsy seller BoxTrader.

While modern features like a headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity have been added, the original speaker and other hardware components have been preserved. Although it no longer functions as an AM radio, numerous iOS apps are available to simulate the radio experience.

Acquiring this piece of polished nostalgia comes at a premium price of US$349, making it one of the pricier items restored by BoxTrader.

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