2048 Game Now Available in iOS Today View App

2048 Game Now Available in iOS Today View App

Occasionally, a product emerges not because it’s necessary, but simply because it’s possible. Such is the case with the latest iteration of the 2048 game, available for US$0.99 on the iOS Today view. This version isn’t groundbreaking in its gameplay or technological advancements, yet it’s intriguing to see an innovative use of widgets.

With the introduction of application extensions in iOS 8, developers like Minghui Li have the tools to create functionalities that operate within the Today center, interact with other apps, or serve as photo editing extensions.

2048 Game Now Available in iOS Today View App

Li’s choice to transform 2048 into a widget is certainly unique.

Does this version excel in execution? Not exactly. The experience is more enjoyable when played directly within its standalone app. To use the widget, one must first install the app and then activate the widget through the Extensions editor in the Today view.

The necessity to navigate the game using arrow buttons in the widget format is less than ideal, especially when compared to the intuitive drag gestures available in the app itself.

Yet, if the goal was to create the best version of 2048, other options would likely be considered. The charm of “2048 in Widget!”—exclamation included in its title—lies in its novelty. It’s the kind of application you download to impress fellow Apple enthusiasts and perhaps to provoke a few eye rolls from Android users.

While the widget continues to provide some entertainment, it might not remain on our TUAW phone much longer than a fortnight.

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