Chromecast Outperforms Apple TV in 2014 Streaming

Chromecast Outperforms Apple TV in 2014 Streaming

For over five years, Apple TV held a strong position in the streaming device market, but recent data indicates it has been surpassed by Google’s Chromecast. A study by Park Associates reveals that while Roku continues to lead with a 29% market share, Chromecast now holds 20%, pushing Apple TV to third place with 17%.

The Amazon Fire TV remains behind these top contenders.

Chromecast Outperforms Apple TV in 2014 Streaming

The shift in consumer preference towards more affordable and convenient stick-shaped streaming devices poses a challenge to Apple TV, which has maintained its traditional box format. This market trend might prompt Apple to consider developing a compact streaming device similar to a dongle.

While Apple has historically set trends rather than follow them, the growing dominance of streaming sticks could potentially influence the future design and functionality of Apple TV.

It remains to be seen how Apple will respond to this shift in the streaming landscape.

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