Share Your Christmas Wishlist Easily with Instalist

Share Your Christmas Wishlist Easily with Instalist

Imagine a holiday season where every gift you unwrap is exactly what you wanted. That’s the promise of Instalist, a free app available on the App Store.

It allows users to curate their own wishlists and share them with friends and family through various channels like SMS, email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Share Your Christmas Wishlist Easily with Instalist

While the app is user-friendly, leveraging a swipe right for likes and left for dislikes similar to Tinder, it does have its limitations. Accidental dislikes cannot be undone, and the lack of subcategory searches means users might swipe numerous times before finding desired items like jeans, which may not even appeal to their taste.

For those who find themselves with time to spare, Instalist can serve as an entertaining tool to explore gift ideas, even if it’s not the most efficient.

The app sources its diverse array of items from Amazon, featuring everything from toys and gadgets to a vast selection of books, which are often overlooked in other apps.

However, the app currently does not feature home décor or footwear, and could benefit from including more kitchen gadgets beyond the basic small appliances.

The app does offer some customization options, such as filtering for gender-specific gifts or excluding certain categories like toys. This feature was tested using different settings to see if the recommendations would vary significantly.

Despite selecting only women and toys, the app still suggested a broad range of tech items and toys, which was a pleasant surprise.

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