Apple Seeks Dismissal of iPod Antitrust Case Amid Doubts Over Plaintiff Claims

Apple Wins Antitrust Case Over iPod Monopoly Claims

The ongoing class action lawsuit against Apple, which accuses the company of monopolistic practices with its iPods, hit a snag this week. According to a report from the New York Times, there’s uncertainty over whether the plaintiffs named in the lawsuit actually bought iPods within the specified timeframe of the alleged wrongdoing.

On Friday, a significant development occurred when attorneys for the plaintiffs decided to remove one of the plaintiffs after discovering she hadn’t purchased an iPod between September 2006 and March 2009.

Apple Wins Antitrust Case Over iPod Monopoly Claims

During this period, Apple is alleged to have blocked music from competing services on its devices.

Further complicating matters, it appears that the remaining plaintiff, Mariana Rosen, might not have directly purchased an iPod in the timeframe either. It’s suggested that the iPod in question was bought by her husband’s law firm.

Consequently, Apple seized the opportunity on Friday to request the dismissal of the entire lawsuit, as reported by the Times.

This legal battle, nearly a decade in the making, might end not with a bang, but with procedural issues potentially derailing it.

Despite these setbacks, the lawsuit is a class action, meaning numerous other iPod purchasers are also involved. The legal team representing the plaintiffs is reportedly seeking to appoint another class member as the named plaintiff to keep the case alive.

The presiding judge expressed concerns about the current state of affairs, noting the lack of a clear plaintiff.

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