Apple iPod Lawsuit Proceeds Temporarily Sans Plaintiff

Apple iPod Lawsuit Proceeds Temporarily Sans Plaintiff

In a surprising development reported by the Associated Press, the ongoing class action lawsuit against Apple regarding its iPods will proceed despite the absence of a qualifying plaintiff. This week, the case experienced a significant twist when the court disqualified all the plaintiffs for not possessing the specific iPod models cited in the lawsuit.

On Monday, the last standing plaintiff, Marianna Rosen, was removed from the case after the judge criticized her for failing to provide sufficient details about her iPod purchases.

Apple iPod Lawsuit Proceeds Temporarily Sans Plaintiff

With no plaintiffs left, Apple sought to have the lawsuit dismissed. However, U.S.

District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers rejected Apple’s motion, stating her responsibility to the “millions of absent class members” and allowed the lawsuit to move forward temporarily without a plaintiff.

Judge Rogers has given the lawyers until Tuesday to present a new lead plaintiff who meets the criteria of having purchased an iPod during the specified 19-month period and who has been adversely affected as claimed in the lawsuit. The legal team representing the class has indicated that several potential plaintiffs have already expressed interest in taking over as the lead plaintiff.

With over 8 million consumers having purchased iPods during the relevant timeframe, the attorneys are optimistic about finding a suitable replacement soon.

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