Boston Ice Dancer Joins iPod Class Action Lawsuit as Plaintiff

Boston Ice Dancer Joins iPod Class Action Lawsuit as Plaintiff

In a recent development in the ongoing class action lawsuit against tech giant Apple, a 65-year-old amateur ice dancer has joined as a new plaintiff. According to the Wall Street Journal, Barbara Bennet was brought to Oakland, California, where she made her appearance in the U.S. District Court on Tuesday.

Post her interviews with the legal representatives of both parties involved, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers remarked that the proceedings were progressing correctly.

Boston Ice Dancer Joins iPod Class Action Lawsuit as Plaintiff

The lawsuit alleges that Apple engaged in anti-competitive behaviors by restricting other music devices from connecting with its iTunes software and preventing competing music services from being compatible with its iPods. This, the plaintiffs argue, artificially inflated the prices of iPods between 2006 and 2009. They are seeking damages potentially amounting to $350 million, a sum that could be tripled under antitrust laws.

The trial, which began earlier this week in the U.S.

District Court of Northern California, initially faced a hiccup as the original plaintiffs were found ineligible for not owning the specific iPod models cited in the lawsuit. With Bennet now part of the legal battle, the trial is set to proceed, with expectations of a verdict possibly being delivered by next week. However, the introduction of a new plaintiff might give Apple grounds to appeal, suggesting that the conclusion of this case could extend further.

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