Apple TV Launch Predicted by Gene Munster for 2016

Apple TV Launch Predicted by Gene Munster for 2016

Despite the playful banter among tech enthusiasts regarding Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster’s steadfast belief in an upcoming Apple smart TV, one must admire his relentless optimism and willingness to publicly share his forecasts. Munster, who initially voiced his predictions at the Business Insider’s Ignition conference back in 2011, has consistently missed the mark each year.

Yet, he remains undeterred, recently reaffirming his belief that the product will debut in 2016.

Apple TV Launch Predicted by Gene Munster for 2016

His latest forecast is grounded in the observation that Apple often takes considerable time to launch new products. Munster speculates that Apple could capture about 10 percent of the global connected TV market, which currently stands at approximately 220 million units.

This would translate to sales of around 22 million units in the first year alone. He also suggests that the price tag could be around $1,500, essentially twice the cost of similar-sized TVs currently on the market, which are listed on Amazon for around $750.

I am eagerly anticipating the 2016 Ignition conference, where Gene Munster is expected to discuss the potential 2020 launch of the Apple smart television.

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