Petcube Review: Play and Monitor Your Pets Remotely

Petcube Review: Play and Monitor Your Pets Remotely

For pet lovers who often worry about their furry friends while away, the Petcube offers a novel solution. Retailing at US$199.00, this innovative webcam allows pet owners to monitor, interact, and even play with their pets remotely. It’s a game-changer for those who can’t bear to be apart from their animal companions.

Specifications: Encased in a sleek 4x4x4 aluminum shell, the Petcube boasts a 138-degree wide-angle view and delivers video in crisp 720P quality. It operates via a free iOS app, connecting through WiFi and powered by a standard 110/240 AC adapter.

Petcube Review: Play and Monitor Your Pets Remotely

Weighing in at 1.3 pounds, it includes a universal mounting bracket suitable for tripods and features a certified 5 mW 3R class laser.

Design: The device features a modern aluminum body with a smoked black front panel that discreetly integrates the camera and laser components.

Functionality: Setting up the Petcube is straightforward. Users need to download the app, press a setup button on the device, and connect it to their WiFi network. Once configured, the camera can be accessed remotely. Although it allows for public sharing, it’s advisable to restrict access to prevent privacy breaches.

Users can invite friends and family to view the camera feed by having them register for a free account and install the app. The Petcube’s standout features include a two-way audio system allowing owners to hear and speak to their pets, and a built-in laser pointer, controlled via the app, which is particularly entertaining for cats. While the laser is certified as safe, it’s important to avoid directing it towards animal’s eyes.


The Petcube impressed me with its ease of setup, reliable performance, and pet-friendly features. It was particularly useful for monitoring my parrot, although he was not fond of the laser.

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