Algoriddim Launches djay Pro for Mac with Spotify Feature

Algoriddim Launches djay Pro for Mac with Spotify Feature

As the holiday season approaches, bringing with it a flurry of festive gatherings, last-minute gift compilations, and long road trips, the globally acclaimed DJ app has received an exciting upgrade. Algoriddim, the company behind the award-winning djay app, has just launched djay Pro. This new version is specifically designed for desktop use, fully optimized for OS X, and harnesses the power of 64-bit processing.

Earlier in May, Algoriddim released djay 2 for iOS, integrating Spotify, providing access to over 20 million tracks. The desktop version, djay Pro, now offers the same vast music library, with the exception of a few tracks from artists like Taylor Swift.

Algoriddim Launches djay Pro for Mac with Spotify Feature

Having been a professional DJ for over two decades, I’ve witnessed the evolution from hauling crates of vinyl and cumbersome equipment to the simplicity of digital setups.

It’s frustrating when you can’t fulfill a unique song request at a party. However, with djay Pro for Mac, finding any track is just a search away on Spotify.

Initially skeptical about digital DJ apps, I doubted their capability compared to traditional methods. However, after using djay 2 for iPad, my opinion completely changed. djay Pro offers a refined user interface packed with professional features such as beat detection, looping, cue points, and a live sampler.

These are complemented by an advanced recommendation engine from The Echo Nest, making djay the top app in its category with over 15 million downloads.

Upon loading my library into djay Pro for Mac, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all my metadata, including cue points and grid adjustments, had seamlessly synced from the iOS version via iCloud. The new layout offers a traditional turntable view and enhanced waveform views, which can be configured in 2 or 4 deck modes, with horizontal or vertical track views. It feels like Algoriddim has crafted a software equivalent of sophisticated hardware DJ controllers. djay Pro supports a broad range of hardware controllers from leading brands such as Native Instruments, Numark, Vestax, Reloop, and Pioneer.

Whether you’re a seasoned DJ, a passionate enthusiast, or a beginner, djay Pro for Mac stands out as the premier software for the craft.

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