Waterproof iPod by AudioFlood: Ideal for Swimmers’ Music Needs

Waterproof iPod by AudioFlood: Ideal for Swimmers' Music Needs

For those who integrate swimming into their fitness regime and enjoy listening to music or podcasts, the challenge of underwater audio has been a significant hurdle. Fortunately, AudioFlood has developed a solution with their waterproof iPod shuffle, designed specifically for aquatic environments.

The latest version of the AudioFlood iPod shuffle boasts a battery life of 15 hours and a storage capacity of 2GB, which can hold over 500 songs. It is also tested to function up to 200 feet underwater, though our trials were conducted at a more modest depth of 6 feet in an indoor pool. The device performed flawlessly, maintaining all functionality including the VoiceOver feature, which announces song titles, playlist names, and battery status.

Waterproof iPod by AudioFlood: Ideal for Swimmers' Music Needs

The package includes specially designed short cord headphones, six different earpiece sizes, an extension cable, a USB charging/sync cable, and a swim cap.

Attaching the iPod to the swim cap ensures it stays secure during vigorous activity. The short cord design of the headphones is particularly thoughtful, preventing any potential entanglement.

Adapting to the waterproof earbuds might take some time, but they function similarly to regular swimmer’s earplugs. It’s crucial to select the correct size to ensure optimal sound quality. While the audio quality for music is largely dependent on the file quality, high-quality MP3s played clearly and crisply during our tests.

Spoken word content also performed well, with minimal quality difference compared to music.

The primary limitation is the iPod Shuffle’s navigation system. While the VoiceOver feature is helpful, selecting a specific track or podcast can be somewhat cumbersome. However, this is a minor inconvenience considering the overall benefits of the device.

In durability tests, the iPod continued to function perfectly even after being submerged on its own in a sink for extended periods. Below is an image of our test setup:

The complete AudioFlood bundle is available for approximately $140, which includes the case, swim cap, headphones, various earbud sizes, and the iPod itself.

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