Court Rejects Release of Steve Jobs Deposition Video

Court Rejects Release of Steve Jobs Deposition Video

Following a recent legal victory for Apple in an antitrust case concerning its iPods, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers decided against the public release of a videotaped deposition of the late Steve Jobs, recorded shortly before his death.

This decision came after Bloomberg, CNN, and the AP had legally requested the footage’s disclosure, which Apple contested, citing concerns over exploitation without any public benefit.

Court Rejects Release of Steve Jobs Deposition Video

Judge Rogers elaborated on her decision, emphasizing the potential future reluctance of witnesses to participate in video depositions if they could be publicly broadcast without prior notice.

She noted the absence of legal precedent for such a release and the ongoing prohibition of cameras in courtrooms, which supported her ruling.

The full details of the judge’s decision are available in a document hosted on Apple Insider, which provides comprehensive coverage of the ruling.

For those interested in the legal specifics, the document titled Ruling Denying Media Intervenors Access to Jobs Deposition by Mikey Campbell is available for review.

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