Twelve South Offers Christmas Gift Surprise

Twelve South Offers Christmas Gift Surprise

Mac users with dual-monitor setups are in for a treat this holiday season, thanks to a thoughtful gesture from accessory maker Twelve South. The company has collaborated with renowned San Francisco photographer Scott Gordon to release a series of free downloadable dual-screen wallpapers.

“The dual-screen setup has always been my preferred way to use my Macs, and nothing complements it better than beautiful, expansive backgrounds.

Twelve South Offers Christmas Gift Surprise

This holiday season, we’re excited to collaborate with photographer Scott Gordon to bring you a collection of stunning dual-screen backgrounds. Season’s greetings from all of us at Twelve South,” said Andrew Green, Co-founder and Creative Director at Twelve South.

The newly released backgrounds are part of a collection named “Collection 1: Fall in San Francisco.” It hints at more thematic sets to come in the future.

The current collection offers four pairs of wallpapers: Golden Gate, Nightscape, Cloudveil, and Soma, each available in various sizes and resolutions to accommodate different screen setups.

I’m now considering upgrading to a 27-inch iMac with Retina display to accompany my existing 27-inch iMac, just to enjoy these magnificent views of San Francisco. A big shoutout to Andrew Green, Twelve South, and Scott Gordon for this delightful and practical holiday gift.

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