iSmartAlarm Launches New Devices and Enhanced Features

iSmartAlarm Launches New Devices and Enhanced Features

Last year, I explored the iSmartAlarm system and was impressed by its straightforward setup and the absence of ongoing fees. It’s a purchase-once model where you can expand with additional devices as needed.

Recently, the iSmartAlarm system has been upgraded significantly, introducing the iCamera KEEP, a smart switch, and a new smoke alarm.

iSmartAlarm Launches New Devices and Enhanced Features


I received a sample of the system for review. The setup process was straightforward, beginning with the CubeOne, the system’s hub, which connects to a router. Configuration is managed through an iOS app.

The system supports a variety of devices, including sensors and cameras, which are easily integrated and labeled within the app.

The iCamera Keep, a new addition, offers high-definition video, motion and sound detection, and free cloud storage for video without any subscription fees. It features pan-tilt capabilities, night vision, and supports multiple users and cameras. Alerts can be received via text, call, email, or push notifications based on user-defined settings.

The Smart Switch is another new feature, allowing remote control of electrical outlets, monitoring of energy usage, and automated scheduling to enhance security and convenience. It can interact with other smart home devices to respond automatically to security breaches by activating lights or other appliances.

These enhancements integrate seamlessly with existing iSmartAlarm systems, though a firmware update might be necessary.

While I did not test the new standalone smoke alarm, it’s designed to work independently or with the full system.

The company has also expanded compatibility to include Z-Wave devices.


The system’s pricing varies based on the components chosen. The starter kit is priced at $199.00, which includes the CubeOne, sensors, and remote tags. A premium package adds an iCamera for $149.00. The iCamera KEEP and the new smart switch are priced at $149.99 and $39.99, respectively.


The iSmartAlarm system’s recent upgrades have significantly enhanced its functionality and user experience.

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