Top USB to Lightning Charging Cables: Must-Have Picks

Top USB to Lightning Charging Cables: Must-Have Picks

It’s not every day that a USB to Lightning cable gets a shoutout for its exceptional qualities, but that’s exactly what’s happening here with the product line from Awesome Cables. This company has leveraged crowdfunding and innovative design to offer charging solutions that stand out from the crowd.

In our review today, we’re examining two distinct cables from their collection, both featuring a braided, non-tangle exterior. The standout Mamba Cable, priced at $30 and boasting Apple MFi certification, impresses with its generous 10-foot length.

Top USB to Lightning Charging Cables: Must-Have Picks

This allows for easy device usage far from any power outlet.

Both the Lightning and USB connectors are encased in aerospace-grade aluminum, and the cable features robust stress relievers at both ends. This design choice significantly reduces the risk of the cable fraying at the connection points—a common issue with standard Apple cables.

Anticipation is high as the Mamba Cables are set to be dispatched this month. They are currently available for pre-order in both Lightning and micro-USB versions, offered in black or an intriguing glow-in-the-dark option, each priced at $20.

Another model I had the opportunity to test was the 6-foot Braided Awesome Cable 2.0, available for $22 and sporting a stylish Camo finish.

Despite its design, it did not escape the playful paws of my cats. Currently, only the black version is shipping, but soon customers will be able to choose from gold, silver, blue, and the Camo finish.

Typically, there isn’t much to say about a charging cable—they’re plugged in and expected to work. However, for those who frequently find themselves replacing worn-out, short, or cheap cables, investing in one from Awesome Cables might be a wise decision.

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