Reviewing the ClamCase Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

Reviewing the ClamCase Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

Following the release of the iPad Air 2, numerous accessory makers have revisited their designs to cater to the slimmer profile of the new device. Among the top picks for keyboard cases at TUAW is the newly updated ClamCase Pro, retailing at $169.00.


Reviewing the ClamCase Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2
  • Dimensions: 9.74 x 7.30 x 0.74 inches (247.4 x 185.4 x 18.8 mm)
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs (.544 kg)
  • Battery life: 100 hours of use, 6 months standby, 120 minutes recharge time

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The ClamCase Pro is renowned for its durability, featuring an aluminum keyboard housing and a tough polycarbonate frame for the iPad Air. Despite not being the lightest or thinnest option available, its versatility is unmatched.

The case’s hinge allows the iPad to be used in landscape mode like a laptop, and it can also flip 360° for tablet use.

The keyboard delivers tactile feedback with dedicated rows for numbers and iOS function keys, including shortcuts for home, search, editing commands, Siri, keyboard switching, and media controls. It also includes a lock key, a full arrow pad, and a battery level indicator.

An LED indicator provides status for Bluetooth pairing, caps lock, and battery level. The keyboard’s power can be controlled via an external switch on the side.


The ClamCase Pro pairs seamlessly with the iPad Air 2 without requiring a code.

While the design is highly praised, some features might feel outdated compared to newer models that automatically power on and off without a physical switch. However, the ClamCase Pro does automatically shut off when the iPad is in tablet mode.

The case design includes a palm rest which is essential for stability when typing in various positions. Despite its robust protection, the ClamCase Pro is on the heavier side and one of the more expensive models on the market.


The ClamCase Pro for iPad Air 2 offers exceptional protection and versatility, making it ideal for those who use their iPad for laptop-like tasks.

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