Connect Your Mac and iOS Device Seamlessly with Mountie

Mountie Review: Affordable Tool to Connect iPhone or iPad to Mac

Recently, we explored a new gadget from Ten One Design, known as Mountie, priced at $24.95. This device offers a novel approach to workspace organization by allowing users to attach their iOS devices directly to their Macs. Here’s our experience with it:


Mountie Review: Affordable Tool to Connect iPhone or iPad to Mac

The Mountie sports a minimalist T-shaped design.

The vertical part of the T slots in between your Mac and your iOS device, while the horizontal part features two padded clamps.

Mountie comes with five different rubber grips to accommodate various devices and thicknesses. You select the appropriate pad for your device, attach it to one of the clamp’s arms, slide the Mountie onto your Mac’s side, and clamp your iOS device into place on the other side.


During our tests, Mountie proved invaluable for multitasking. Using Duet Display, I could keep an eye on my Twitter feed via Tweetbot for Mac while managing other tasks on my main screen.

It also served as a secondary display for video content on my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2.

Mountie is particularly useful for mobile professionals. It easily attaches to a MacBook, allowing for a dual-screen setup with an iPhone or iPad, effectively doubling your screen real estate while on the go.


The Mountie by Ten One Design is a brilliantly simple yet profoundly effective tool for anyone juggling multiple devices. It’s a space-saver, highly portable, and enhances productivity.

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