Experiencing Turbulence: Tips for a Smoother Flight

Experiencing Turbulence: Tips for a Smoother Flight

In the mobile game Fly By!, players assume the role of a fly navigating through a treacherous landscape filled with thorns and carnivorous plants, all while collecting nectar. The game, available for iOS devices, challenges players with a variety of enemies and obstacles that can end their game in an instant.

The adversaries in Fly By! add a layer of unpredictability and excitement.

Experiencing Turbulence: Tips for a Smoother Flight

Players might encounter plants that obscure their view with a green splatter, large snapping plants, or side plants that shoot harmful projectiles. This variety keeps players on their toes, making the game’s environment—a maze of thorns and branches—equally challenging.

Aside from the primary fly character, players can unlock additional characters, each with unique traits.

For instance, the character Toasty, a cheerful piece of toast donned in a red cape, can be unlocked, though it shares the same abilities as the standard character. Gathering enough nectar to unlock these characters, however, can be quite challenging.

Despite its engaging gameplay, Fly By! suffers from a few technical issues.


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