CURVED/labs Updates Classic Mac with Modern Features

CURVED/labs Updates Classic Mac with Modern Features

The image you see above might stir some nostalgia and excitement among Apple enthusiasts, though, regrettably, it’s not an actual product you can purchase. It represents a visionary design by Curved, a German tech outlet.

This design modernizes the iconic “toaster” Macintosh, blending nostalgic aesthetics with contemporary technology.

CURVED/labs Updates Classic Mac with Modern Features

The concept draws heavily from the original Macintosh’s visual cues but updates the internals to reflect modern computing needs. It features an 11.6-inch touchscreen, which supports input via mouse, touchpad, and keyboard.

Internally, it’s equipped with 128GB of SSD storage, and offers either 4 or 8GB of RAM, powered by the latest i7 processor from Intel. The design presents a seamless, curved update to the classic Macintosh frame.

A particularly clever feature of this concept is the transformation of the original Mac’s 3.5-inch floppy disk drive into a slot for SD cards, enhancing accessibility and utility without compromising the design’s integrity.

This CURVED/labs-Mac concept maintains the charming and approachable design of the original Macintosh while integrating the functionalities and features we admire in current Mac and iOS devices.

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