Learn to Play Music with PLAYER App for iOS

MiQ Limited has recently unveiled PLAYER, an innovative iOS application that offers real-time analysis of songs from your music library, displaying chords, keys, and song structures to help you learn how to play them. The app features a clean, user-friendly interface that shows you the song’s chords as it plays, making it easier to follow along. For those unfamiliar with certain chords, PLAYER provides visual aids for guitar, piano, and ukulele finger positions at the top of the screen.

Initially, each song is analyzed by MiQ, which takes a few moments.

Among its various functionalities, PLAYER includes a Discover area where users can explore the most popular songs within the iTunes library, complete with sample chords. This section also offers the functionality to tag songs for future purchases. Additionally, the app allows users to create a personalized set list for practice sessions, and features a slowdown function, perfect for beginners trying to master a new piece at a comfortable pace.

It’s important to note that no application can perfectly identify every chord in every song, and PLAYER is no exception.

The effectiveness of the app can vary based on the song’s style and arrangement. To get the most out of PLAYER, users should equally focus on the audio of the song and the chords displayed by the app.

Overall, PLAYER is a straightforward and elegantly designed app that serves as an excellent resource for musicians looking to enhance their skills on guitar, piano, and ukulele, particularly for novices.

In addition, PLAYER was created by the same developers behind Jamn, an app that demystifies musical theory by explaining the relationships among notes, scales, and chords. You can check out my review of Jamn here.

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