Mac Pro Cases Transformed into Unique Wood Bench

Mac Pro Cases Transformed into Unique Wood Bench

As Apple transitions to the compact “trashcan” Mac Pro design, the older, larger aluminum PowerMac G5 and Mac Pro cases are increasingly being discarded or recycled. However, Gary Katz of Mac M.D., an experienced Apple Consultant, was inspired by a bench created by a German Mac enthusiast that utilized these aluminum cases as the base.

During his kitchen renovation, Katz enlisted his contractors to transform two stripped-down Mac Pro cases into a similar bench.

Mac Pro Cases Transformed into Unique Wood Bench

This unique bench incorporates exotic woods such as African mahogany, Wenge, and Padouk, alongside the Mac Pro cases. After receiving the bench, Katz enhanced it by installing a string of LED rope lights inside the cases and adding a backrest for comfort.

Detailed images of the contractor’s craftsmanship and Katz’s enhancements can be viewed on his personal blog.

If you’ve repurposed old Macs into something both functional and aesthetically pleasing, share your projects in the comments below and include a link to your photos.


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