iPhone 6 Case by UNU Extends Battery Life, Doubles Power

iPhone 6 Case by UNU Extends Battery Life

For those awaiting a robust battery case for the larger iPhone models, UNU has recently launched the DX-6, a case for the iPhone 6 that promises to significantly extend battery life for a retail price of $79.00. This case is designed to more than double the phone’s battery duration, boasting upwards of 300 hours on standby, over 60 hours for music playback, and 18 hours of talk time, which substantially surpasses the iPhone 6’s own battery capabilities.

Competitor Mophie is also preparing to release a comparable product priced at $99.00 with a slightly less potent battery, but it has yet to be released, giving UNU an opportunity to capture the market early.

iPhone 6 Case by UNU Extends Battery Life


  • Dimensions: 6 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches

  • Weight: 3.36 ounces

  • Battery Type: High-grade Li-polymer rechargeable

  • Minimum rated talk time: 15 hours

  • Battery Capacity: Li-Polymer 3.7V/3000 mAh


The design of the UNU case is robust, featuring fully enclosed corners and a raised bezel to protect the screen. It is easy to slip the iPhone in and out of the case.

The case itself is charged using a Micro USB cable, although it connects to the phone via an Apple Lightning connector.

Using the UNU battery case

The case arrives partially charged and can be fully powered within an hour. A green LED indicator on the back shows when the case is fully charged. Throughout the day, the iPhone’s internal battery is used first, and once it runs low, a simple two-second press of a button on the case activates the external battery, quickly bringing the phone back to full charge.

This process is as straightforward as charging through a wall socket, without the need to stay plugged in. Although the case includes a headphone jack extender to accommodate the recessed jack, it’s an additional small piece to manage. All other controls on the iPhone remain easily accessible.

Now in its fourth generation, UNU has been refining their battery cases for over five years, demonstrating their expertise in the field.

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