LastPass Launches Native Mac App for Enhanced Password Management

LastPass Launches Native Mac App for Enhanced Password Management

LastPass has now made its way from the confines of your web browser and iOS device to your desktop, courtesy of its newly launched native app available in the Mac App Store. This application introduces the full suite of features from the mobile app to your desktop, ranging from password management to autofill capabilities and secure note sharing.

For users familiar with LastPass browser extensions, this standalone, offline-capable Mac app aligns with the capabilities of the leading password manager on the platform, 1Password.

LastPass Launches Native Mac App for Enhanced Password Management

By integrating with your LastPass account, the app facilitates a smooth synchronization of data and passwords across all your devices and browsers; whereas iCloud Keychain efficiently manages data between OS X and iOS for Safari users, it lacks compatibility with other browsers like Chrome or Firefox, and with Android and Windows platforms. In contrast, LastPass boasts a truly cross-platform approach, supporting Internet Explorer on Windows, various browsers on Linux, the Opera browser, and even the Blackberry.

It is also a favorite among enterprise IT departments for its central administration capabilities and the enforcement of security standards.

The Mac application from LastPass is equipped with unique tools such as a security challenge feature and a password generator, which aids in creating strong and unique passwords, thus helping you avoid the embarrassment of seeing your password on a very special list. It enables quick and easy addition of new passwords and sites to your account.


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