MacTech Pro 2015 Event Series Launches in Nine US Cities

For over three decades, MacTech Magazine has served as a vital resource for Apple technology professionals, including technicians, consultants, and support staff. The publication is linked to several MacTech branded events, notably the annual MacTech Conference.

Neil Ticktin, the editor-in-chief and publisher of MacTech Magazine, recently revealed plans for the 2015 lineup of MacTech Pro Events, which will occur in nine different U.S. cities.

Designed specifically for Apple support professionals, each MacTech Pro event will consist of a focused, single-track seminar hosted in a hotel setting.

Ticktin has outlined several key topics for the 2015 events, including:

  • Understanding iCloud Drive: Essential Knowledge for Techs
  • In-depth Exploration of Time Machine and Integration into Backup Strategies
  • Essential Tools for the Professional Apple Technician
  • Leveraging OS Resources for Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Techniques: Caching Servers, DNS, and Beyond
  • Implications of New Apple ID Requirements: VPP, DEP, and Accounts for Under 13s
  • Optimizing Use of Microsoft Office for Enhanced Productivity
  • Addressing Security Concerns: Viruses and Malware
  • Strategies for Managing Clients to Boost Productivity and Revenue

The schedule for the MacTech Pro events is as follows:

  • March 4, 2015: Seattle
  • March 25, 2015: San Francisco
  • April 15, 2015: Boston
  • May 6, 2015: Atlanta
  • June 24, 2015: Washington DC
  • July 22, 2015: Chicago
  • August 12, 2015: New York
  • September 2, 2015: Dallas
  • September 30, 2015: Denver

These one-day events are designed to maximize learning without significantly disrupting the schedules of busy professionals. Those who register by January 26 can enjoy a $50 discount off the early-bird rate of $299.

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