iPhone 6 Case Withstands Drop from Space: A Review

iPhone 6 Case Withstands Drop from Space: A Review

Imagine dropping your iPhone 6 from a height of 101,000 feet, where it would face winds up to 70 MPH and chilling temperatures down to -79 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, Urban Armor Gear has done just that to test the resilience of their latest iPhone 6 case.

The test involved a specially designed rig that carried the iPhone to the edge of space.

iPhone 6 Case Withstands Drop from Space: A Review

The experimental setup included two GoPro cameras, a GPS locator, and a backup phone equipped with GPS and active tracking capabilities. The entire flight spanned over three hours and traversed 12 miles horizontally.

The iPhone 6, encased in Urban Armor Gear’s composite case without a screen protector, was operational at launch but eventually shut down due to the extreme cold. Upon recovery, the iPhone was switched on and functioned perfectly, passing all operational tests.

Below is a video showcasing the journey.

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