Pzizz App Now Free on iPad for Better Sleep

Pzizz App Now Free on iPad for Better Sleep

Pzizz is an innovative application aimed at enhancing your sleep or optimizing your power naps. Previously available as two separate applications, Energizer for naps and Sleep for nighttime rest, Pzizz now combines these functionalities. The app employs a blend of soothing narrations and binaural beats to foster relaxation and sleep.

Binaural beats involve playing two slightly different frequencies in each ear, producing a perceived third sound that can potentially influence brainwave patterns, though its effectiveness is subject to debate. Personally, I’ve found the app’s power nap feature quite effective.

Pzizz App Now Free on iPad for Better Sleep

My experience with Pzizz extends back to before it was available on iOS, requiring me to use my laptop or transfer the audio to my iPod. Now, it’s as simple as lying down, starting the app on my iPhone, and taking a rejuvenating nap.

I generally avoid using it for overnight sleep due to discomfort from earbuds when sleeping longer periods.

The revamped Pzizz app, now a universal application compatible with iPad, integrates the previously separate Sleep and Energizer modules into one free app. Users can select either the Power Nap or Sleep module and customize settings according to their preferences. The default settings are ideal for newcomers, while long-time users can explore and adjust various options to tailor their experience.

Pzizz for iPad

The settings available include:

  • Length: Set the duration for Pzizz to play.

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