WiFi Map: Community Shares Network Passwords

WiFi Map: Community Shares Network Passwords

Discovering Wi-Fi hotspots nearby and accessing their passwords is made easy with WiFi Map, a community-driven application. This app not only allows users to find and share Wi-Fi network passwords but also to save them for future reference. Enhance the community by sharing details about Wi-Fi networks you know about that aren’t already listed.

Available for free on iOS, the app also offers a Pro version for US$4.99, both requiring iOS 7.0 or later.

WiFi Map: Community Shares Network Passwords

As cellular data plans become increasingly restrictive, a reliable Wi-Fi connection offers a welcome respite. Not only does it not count towards your data cap, but it often provides faster speeds than cellular services. However, locating a Wi-Fi hotspot can sometimes be challenging.

WiFi Map efficiently organizes available networks by proximity, distinguishing between public and private access points.

Public networks, such as those in cafes, are usually open or have their passwords readily available, while private networks require a connection for visibility, ensuring user privacy.

However, since WiFi Map relies on user contributions, the accuracy of network passwords can vary. Users can add custom names and passwords for networks, which are unverified, but trying them out is harmless and can often yield a successful connection.

The app also provides the exact addresses of nearby locations with Wi-Fi, although an initial internet connection is necessary to retrieve this information. The Pro version offers additional features like offline saving of favorite networks and detailed information on distant networks for $4.99.

WiFi Map features a user-friendly map interface, marking the locations of Wi-Fi hotspots.


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