Introducing Wrise: A Specialized Word Processor for Mac

Introducing Wrise: A Specialized Word Processor for Mac

In the realm of OS X word processors, the market is predominantly dominated by Microsoft Word and Apple’s Pages. However, a new entrant, Wrise, priced at an introductory $29.99 on the Mac app store, offers a refreshing perspective on text editing.

Wrise encompasses the standard features of word processing such as text editing, a variety of fonts, and customizable background colors, along with tools for spelling and grammar checks. Yet, it distinguishes itself with several innovative functionalities:

Introducing Wrise: A Specialized Word Processor for Mac
  • Quick selection and modification of fonts and page colors for enhanced readability.
  • Capability to vocalize on-screen text with adjustable speeds and voices.
  • Option to save texts as audio files, which can be exported to iTunes or in mp4 format.
  • Support for reading texts in multiple languages with automatic detection.
  • Inclusion of 15 predictive dictionaries for English and other languages.

Upon testing Wrise, I appreciated its user-friendly interface and the text-to-speech feature, which offers more customization than the native OS X option found under Edit > Speech in many applications.

While it can process PDFs, plain text, and Word documents, it does not support Pages files unless they are first converted to Word format. The ‘speak as you type’ feature proved invaluable for proofreading. The design of the text and page layout significantly enhances readability without altering the actual document, merely adjusting the display settings.

Another standout feature is the ability to insert tags within the document to manage reading speed, voice, language, and volume.

Wrise also offers password protection for documents and the option to share them in a read-only format for feedback.

With support for Apple’s dictation, users can convert speech to text and then have Wrise read it back. While it currently allows exports in RTF or TXT formats, expansion to include PDF, Word, and Pages would be beneficial.

Designed to simplify the reading and writing process, Wrise excels in this regard. Its developers also claim it aids in comprehension and composition, making it particularly valuable for individuals with dyslexia.

As a unique and innovative tool, Wrise is likely to capture the interest of those seeking an alternative approach to word processing.


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