MacBook Users Set to Receive Compensation for Faulty Butterfly Keyboards

Macbook Pro butterfly keyboard

Two years after Apple paid $50 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over faulty MacBook butterfly keyboards, funds from the settlement are finally set to be distributed to affected customers. The MacBook Keyboard Litigation Settlement website recently provided an update, stating that the court issued a payment order on June 27, 2024. Payments for approved claims are expected to be issued by August 2024, bringing closure to a long legal battle that has impacted many MacBook owners.

Background of the MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Lawsuit

The saga of the MacBook butterfly keyboards dates back to their introduction in Macs between 2015 and 2019. Despite several design updates during this period, the butterfly mechanism proved to be problematic, leading to widespread issues for users. Customers reported problems such as repeating keys, sticking keys, and outright keyboard failures caused by debris like crumbs and dust infiltrating the mechanisms.

Macbook Pro butterfly keyboard

Apple attempted to address the widespread complaints by launching a repair program in June 2018, covering MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models manufactured from 2015 onwards. However, this program only covered affected machines for four years after purchase. Additionally, since the replacement keyboards also used the same butterfly mechanism, the fundamental issue persisted, leaving customers frustrated with recurring problems.

In response to the significant shortcomings of the butterfly keyboard, Apple eventually abandoned the design in favor of a more reliable scissor switch mechanism. Macs produced since late 2019 now feature this updated keyboard technology, offering a more durable and resilient typing experience for users.

Settlement Details and Compensation for Customers

After the class-action lawsuit was settled, affected MacBook owners were informed about the compensation process through emails sent in December 2022. Eligible customers were those who had experienced issues with their butterfly keyboards, specifically those who had undergone topcase replacements by Apple within four years of purchase.

The settlement outlined different compensation amounts based on the extent of repairs done on the affected devices:

  • Customers who had at least two topcase replacements are set to receive a maximum of $395.
  • Those who had one topcase repair are eligible for up to $125.
  • MacBook owners who had keycap replacements can claim up to $50.

Claims were accepted until March 6, 2023, and the settlement was formally approved on May 25, 2023. However, despite the approval, there has been a notable delay of over a year in disbursing the payments to customers, with no official explanation provided for the extended wait.

Implications for MacBook Users and the Future of Apple’s Keyboard Design

The prolonged saga of the MacBook butterfly keyboard issue highlights the importance of design quality and customer experience in the tech industry. While Apple took steps to address the concerns by offering repairs and eventually transitioning to a more reliable keyboard mechanism, the repercussions of the faulty design have persisted for affected users.

Moving forward, Apple’s decision to revert to a scissor switch mechanism for its keyboards demonstrates a commitment to improving product durability and user satisfaction. The newer keyboards have been praised for their enhanced reliability and resistance to the issues that plagued the butterfly keyboards.

For MacBook users, the settlement serves as a form of acknowledgment of the challenges faced due to the faulty keyboards. The compensation provided may offer some relief to those who have experienced disruptions and frustrations with their devices, while also highlighting the importance of holding tech companies accountable for product quality and customer satisfaction.


The resolution of the MacBook butterfly keyboard lawsuit and the impending distribution of compensation to affected customers mark a significant chapter in Apple’s history of product design and customer relations. While the butterfly keyboard issues have been a source of frustration for many users, the transition to more reliable keyboard technology represents a positive step towards enhancing user experience and product quality.

As MacBook owners await the payments from the settlement, the episode serves as a reminder of the importance of robust design, thorough testing, and responsive customer support in the technology sector. Apple’s pivot to a more dependable keyboard mechanism underscores the company’s willingness to learn from past missteps and prioritize user satisfaction in its product development efforts.


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