Snapchat Planets: Guide to the Friend Solar System

Snapchat Planets on an iPhone

In the fast-paced world of social media, Snapchat stays a favorite, especially with Gen Z. One of its coolest features is Snapchat Planets, part of Snapchat Plus.

This feature is part of Snapchat’s Friend Solar System. Your friends act as planets based on your interactions with them. But what are Snapchat Planets, and how can you make the most of them? Let’s dive in.

Snapchat Planets on an iPhone

What Are Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets is a feature for Snapchat Plus users. It shows your closest friends as planets in a solar system where you are the Sun. Each planet represents a friend, and their position shows how often you interact with them. Its a fun way to see who your top friends are on Snapchat.

How Snapchat Planets Work

You are the Sun in your Snapchat Friend Solar System. Your friends are planets arranged by how often you chat and snap with them. Here’s the Snapchat Planets order:

  1. Mercury: Your closest friend.
  2. Venus: Your second closest friend.
  3. Earth: Your third closest friend.
  4. Mars: Your fourth closest friend.
  5. Jupiter: Your fifth closest friend.
  6. Saturn: Your sixth closest friend.
  7. Uranus: Your seventh closest friend.
  8. Neptune: Your eighth best friend.

Each planet has unique features, like colors and emojis, making it easy to recognize them.

Visual Representation of Each Planet

  • Mercury: A red planet with four red hearts.
  • Venus: A light brown planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts.
  • Earth: A planet with blue and green colors, a moon, and red hearts.
  • Mars: A red planet with purple and blue hearts.
  • Jupiter: An orange planet with dark orange stripes and stars.
  • Saturn: An orange planet with a ring and stars.
  • Uranus: A green planet with stars.
  • Neptune: A blue planet, representing the most distant friend.
Visual Representation of Snapchat Planets

How to Access and Use Snapchat Planets

To view your Snapchat Friend Solar System:

  1. Subscribe to Snapchat Plus: This feature is exclusive to Snapchat Plus users.
  2. Open a Friend’s Profile: Look for the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a gold ring.
  3. Tap the Badge: This reveals your position in their solar system.

If you see the “Best Friends” badge, it means you are among each other’s top eight friends. The “Friends” badge means you are in their top eight, but they might not be in yours.

Benefits of Using Snapchat Planets

  • More Interaction: It encourages you to interact more with friends to stay or move up in their solar system.
  • Fun Visuals: Adds a playful element to tracking friendships.
  • Exclusive Features: Part of Snapchat Plus, which also includes custom app icons, rewatch indicators for stories, and more.

How to Get Snapchat Plus

Applying for Snapchat Plus
  1. Open Snapchat and go to your profile icon in the top left corner.
  2. Tap on Snapchat+.
  3. Choose a subscription plan (monthly, six months, or yearly).
  4. Start your free trial and enjoy the benefits.

Understanding the Snapchat Friend Solar System

The Snapchat Friend Solar System is like our real solar system, with you at the center. The planets represent your top friends based on how often you interact with them. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Mercury: Closest planet, most frequent interactions.
  • Venus: Second closest.
  • Earth: Third.
  • Mars: Fourth.
  • Jupiter: Fifth.
  • Saturn: Sixth.
  • Uranus: Seventh.
  • Neptune: Eighth.

This setup gives you a fun and clear way to see who you interact with the most on Snapchat.

Tips for Maximizing Your Snapchat Plus Experience

  • Stay Active: Regularly snap and chat with friends to maintain or improve your position in their solar systems.
  • Explore Features: Check out other Snapchat Plus features like custom icons and rewatch indicators.
  • Engage Creatively: Use Snapchat’s various tools to make your interactions more fun and frequent.

Details About Snapchat Planets

The Friend Solar System on Snapchat is a creative way to show your friendships. When you open a friend’s profile, look for the badge with a gold ring in the top left corner. This badge, whether it’s a “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge, shows your position in their solar system. If you see a “Best Friends” badge, you both are in each other’s top eight friends list.

Each planet-based badge has its own unique look:

  • Mercury: Closest, marked with red hearts, symbolizing intense interaction.
  • Venus: Second closest, with pink, blue, and yellow stars, indicating strong bonds.
  • Earth: Third, with blue colors and a moon.
  • Mars: Fourth, with red hearts and friendship profile icons.
  • Jupiter: Fifth, with its iconic golden ring.
  • Saturn: Sixth, with blue and pink stars.
  • Uranus: Seventh, with unique blue colors.
  • Neptune: Eighth, the most distant friend.

How Snapchat Plus Enhances the Experience

Snapchat Plus on an iPhone

Snapchat Plus users get extra features like changing app icons, seeing who rewatched their stories, and pinning their best friends. These features, along with the Friend Solar System, make your Snapchat experience more fun and engaging.

Expanding Your Friends List with Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Planets also helps you see and grow your friends list. By regularly interacting with more friends, you can see how your Friend Solar System changes. This can inspire you to keep a diverse and active group of friends on Snapchat.

Snapchat Planets is not just about seeing who your closest friends are, but also about building stronger connections. The more you engage with friends, the more vibrant and dynamic your Friend Solar System becomes. This feature makes staying in touch more exciting and visually engaging.

The Importance of Interaction Frequency

The Snapchat Planets system highlights how often you interact with your friends. The more you snap and chat with someone, the closer they are in your Friend Solar System. This visual tool shows your strongest connections and motivates you to maintain them.

Leveraging Snapchat Planets for Better Social Connections

Using Snapchat Planets effectively can boost your social connections. By knowing the Snapchat Planets order and regularly interacting with your friends, you can stay close to those who matter most. This feature adds a fun, competitive element to staying connected, encouraging you to snap and chat more often.

Final Thoughts

The Snapchat Plus logo on a black background

Snapchat Planets is a fun feature of Snapchat Plus, offering a unique way to show your social interactions. By using this feature, you can increase your engagement on Snapchat and have more fun with your friends. The Snapchat Friend Solar System shows your closest friends and encourages more interactions. This makes your social experience more lively and enjoyable.

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